EEC Global Operation LLC The Inventor and Pioneer of the MBBR technology offer the EEC High-Speed Bio Tec MBBR and MBR technology systems for specialized domestic residential, commercial and industrial applications in wastewater treatment. With more than 1000 systems installed on a global scale, we offer both products and services from every corner of the world.

An ideal sewage treatment plant creates an environment where bacteria is encouraged to grow and breakdown sewage in a non-polluting method. Our team of experts is specialists when it comes to manufacturing and supply of Sewer plants containerized package plants. We deliver highest quality sewage dealing plant and our price meets your budget. Our treatment plants are much easier to install. All our treatment plants are tested and certified to the highest standards.

sewage treatment plant

domestic sewage treatment

package wastewater treatment plant

sewage waste treatment

sewage wastewater treatment

sewage wastewater treatment

sewage wastewater treatment

package wastewater treatment plant

World Largest Package Plants Us Military & Nato Solutions
EEC MBBR - Bio Plants - More than 25 Military Installations.
EEC MBBR-MBR meets any Effluent requirements

Plug and Play Wastewater Systems


“Smart Design… once in operation we don’t have to mess with them”…
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Compact, No Filters, No Membranes, Self cleaning, Quick Start-up,..
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We Offer Complete Design

 Fine screening

 Screening washing & compacting

 Aerated grit separation

 Grit removal, washing & dewatering

 Oil & grease separation

 Biological Treatment

 Nitrification de-nitrification

 Tertiary treatment

 Sludge management & dewatering

We Offer Complete Design

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